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Prof Teo is the only Australian neurosurgeon to be Board Certified in both Australia and the U.S. He has been invited to many distinguished universities in more than 50 countries as Visiting Professor, including Johns Hopkins, Vanderbilt and Stanford universities in the USA, Marburg University in Germany and the Karolinska Institute in Sweden. 

Prof Teo primarily works at the Prince of Wales Private Hospital in Sydney and has established the internationally acclaimed Centre for Minimally Invasive Neurosurgery, extending the lives of many children and adults with brain tumours, some of which may have been previously considered to be 'inoperable'. 

Prof Teo dedicates three months every year to pro bono work in developing countries and has sponsored neurosurgeons from developing countries such as Bangladesh, Peru, Romania and Vietnam to attend practical courses and medical meetings. He has been recognised with awards from Rotary International, including the Paul Harris Fellowship and was a finalist in the NSW Australian of the Year awards in 2003 and 2009. In the 2011 Australia Day awards, he was made a Member of the Order of Australia. 

Prof Teo founded Cure For Life Foundation, now Cure Brain Cancer Foundation, in 2001. It is now the peak brain cancer organisation in Australia, focusing on research, advocacy and awareness. Cure Brain Cancer Foundation supports the Brain Cancer Discovery Collaborative and many other exciting research initiatives, including bringing quality international clinical trials to Australia.

Due to his many external commitments, Prof Teo recently decided to relinquish his position on the Board of the Foundation to focus more on his role as Founder. Cure Brain Cancer Foundation Chair, Joanne Quin, has thanked Prof Teo for all his work with the Board over the last decade and the momentum he has helped create. 

Outside the operating theatre, Prof Teo is proud to support his other favourite charities; the Cambodian Children’s Trust, which runs an orphanage in Battambang and Voiceless, which funds legislative reform for the prevention of cruelty to industrial animals. He is also Ambassador and Acting Director of the Orangutan Foundation, and has travelled to Borneo with his family to see their conservation work. 

Prof Teo has written more than 70 publications and 30 book chapters. He has been featured on Australian Story five times, “60 Minutes”, "Good Medicine" and "Today Tonight", highlighting the cases of patients with "inoperable" brain tumours that he has successfully removed. 

In 2012, he gave the Australia Day address and in 2013 he became the first Australian to address US Congress, speaking to the Brain Mapping Foundation and Congressional Neuroscience Caucus about Brain Mapping as part of US President Barack Obama’s vision to explore and map the human brain.

Supported by his wife, Genevieve, and four daughters, Alex, Nikki, Katie and Sophie, Charlie has devoted his life to helping people with neurological diseases