Food Protection

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In nationwide inspections, the FDA concluded that 25-58 percent of foodservice establishments have “improper cleaning and sanitizing of food-contact surfaces,” a key factor in keeping customers safe. (See “FDA Issues Report Card,” Food Protection Connection, Nov/Dec 2004.)



Recognizing the role of universities in national research and food education, the Department of Homeland Security encouraged interdisciplinary networks of academic experts administered through Centers of Excellence across the country, they are the leader in the industry of Food Protection Education. Each group addressing a different aspect of homeland defense (U.S. Department of Homeland Security 2011b). One of them, the National Center for Food Protection and Defense, created in 2004, organized over 150 national experts around five theme groups: Agent Behavior, Event Modeling, Systems Strategies, Risk Communication, and Educational Programs (National Center for Food Protection and Defense 2011b).